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  This trip is mostly exploring some backroads in areas that I needed some info on for further exploration. The main areas of focus are in the upper Big Piney drainage. The first valley was the Home Valley named after the creek that runs through it.....Home Creek. The community of Limestone resides in this valley and I really can't recall ever visiting this location in the past. The valley is filled with farm terrain and is fairly lovely. Home Creek runs into the Big Piney near Limestone. The bluffs high above this valley are quite dramatic but were hard to see with the trees and fog.
  After rising above the valley at Hwy 16 near Nail I headed west and dropped back down into the Piney valley where the upper reaches of the Big Piney lie. This would be Walnut Valley I believe. The community of Walnut resides here. I am amazed at the vast watershed that this river takes in. Dismal Creek with the Glory Hole empties into the Piney in this area. This was an interesting drive with unfortunately....way too many "No Trespassing" signs. Weather was great with temps in the 60's and sunny.

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