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  Hwy 215 runs east to west and parallels the Mulberry River. Saturday morning I headed east along this road at 5:30 a.m. after parking at the High Banks canoe access. Breakfast was had in Clarksville at the South Park restaurant prior to my arrival to this point. There is a dirt road that follows the base of the Little Mulberry valley and heads north through a pastoral landscape. Eventually the Ozark Highlands Trail was encountered at the Lick Branch access and at this juncture...I mounted the trail and moved in a westward direction.
  The trail moves up the ridge slowly and no really steep sections were found on the way up. The trail then follows the higher elevations for a while and is typical for Ozark scenery. There are also 4 wheeler trails in the area and one was utilized to head back south to get back to the main highway. The temp was 66 degrees at start and into the 80's by 9:30 when I hit the vehicle. Total miles hiked around 10.

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