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Richland Creek Wilderness Area Backpacking
  Saturday morning I arrived at Cracker Barrel in Conway around 7:30. My brother Kelly and his son Chase were supposed to be there at 8:00 but arrived at 8:55. Lazy bastards. We ate a heart breakfast and then headed west then north. We got to the embark point at 11:45 and parked at Hill Cemetery. It was pretty scary. The road to the cemetery was bad but passable. The temp around 55 and it was cloudy with light on and off drizzle. We hiked along a rudimentary trail on the north side of creek. We dropped off the trail to visit Hamilton Falls then returned to the trail. We camped in the Twin Falls area and had a groovy time even with the light drizzle. The rain finally stopped at 8:45 and the skies cleared and it was a starry night after all. Temp fell to the 40's that night. We headed back the next morning. Total trip was 5.8 miles.

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