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  I got to Forked Pinnacle around 3:00 p.m. and parked near the cave area. The temp was around 74, skies were sunny. Hiked along little cedar creek. Round trip about 1.1 miles. There were many nice little falls along the way with a nice with a cool 5-6 ft fall with a round pool at the bottom with a nice high bluff above the falls.Unfortunately there was an old logging road very nearby that took away from the experience.  Some scummy woman was camped at the parking when I headed in. When I came back, the area was full of tents with scum playing loud music. I tossed a dead skunk carcass into their camp as I drove by. I was a bit surprised that they didn't even notice it. Guess they smelled just as bad. On the way back I stopped at lake Sylvia and had a couple a beers and some chicken.

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